Accommodation + tickets for the Puy du Fou night show in Toledo: “El Sueño de Toledo”


Hostal 82 is a great accommodation for families, friends or couples who wish to come and enjoy the Puy du Fou night show in Toledo.

Thus, we offer you the chance of booking accommodation and tickets for the Puy du Fou show, with unbeatable conditions!

Hurry up and get your tickets for the Puy du Fou show and discover Olías del Rey and Toledo from our hotel!


Hostal 82 is an accommodation located in the historic town of Olías del Rey, 10 minutes from Toledo. Toledo is rich in heritage and culture, and it will be easy to visit it from our accommodation in Olías del Rey, because we are very close to the A42 (Madrid-Toledo) which gives access to the north entrance of Toledo through Avenida de Madrid.
Hostal 82 has several types of rooms for you accommodation:
Double rooms with 1 bed or 2 beds.
Triple rooms.
Quadruple rooms.


One of the greatest advantages of our accommodation in Olías del Rey, at Hostal 82, is that you can easily park, as we have a large outdoor parking area.
The hotel has a cafeteria, with excellent coffee, where you can have breakfast or a drink.
Free Wi-Fi in all the accommodation areas.
Air conditioning.
2 vending machines (snacks and drinks).
TV channels for children.
Pets are not allowed in the accommodation.
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Hostal 82 check-in hours: from 2 pm.
Hostal 82 check out hours: before noon.

Discover the history of Toledo from Olías del Rey

Toledo has its origin in the Bronze Age, when a settlement was founded on the so-called Cerro de Bú. The city was conquered by the Romans in 192 BC, after arduous battles. They rebuilt it and called it Toletum. After the first incursions of the barbarians the city was fortified, but its walls fell down to the Visigoths, who turned it into capital and archbishopric of the Hispanic Kingdom in the 5th century.

It was conquered again in 711 by Muslims, becoming an important kingdom of independent taifa until it passed into Christian hands, in 1085.

As you can see, Toledo is a land that has been inhabited and conquered by very different cultures, and all of them have left their mark.



What to see in Toledo?


  • Santo Domingo el Antiguo, a beautiful Mudejar Convent from the 11th century.
  • Museo de los Concilios y la Cultura Visigoda, located in the Church of San Román, it consists of a trip back on the time when Toledo was the capital of the Visigoth kingdoms.
  • Museo Sefardí, in Sinagoga del Tránsito. It is one of the must visit places to understand the Jewish Toledo.
  • Iglesia de los Jesuítas, famous because of its views.
  • Iglesia del Real Colegio de Doncellas Nobles.
  • Iglesia del Salvador.
  • The 4 city gates  and their impressive walls.
  • El Greco Museum.
  • A city tour towards the Renaissance square of Zocodover


We recommend you to buy the “Tourist Bracelet” (€ 10), that will allow you to visit some of the most emblematic places in Toledo at an affordable price.


Around Toledo


Toledo is much more than a Visigothic capital city, it is a fascinating land.
From our accommodation in Olías del Rey, we recommend one day trips to…

Barrancas de Calaña y Castrejón the so-called Canyon of the Colorado, which has formed the Tajo River in the clay lands of this area.

Orgaz, with an interesting historical and cultural heritage.

Guadamur Castle.

Vela Maqueda Castle.

Toboso, land of Dulcinea, whose surroundings are beautiful landscapes with the famous mills of Don Quijote

Mills: Alcázar de San Juan, Consuegra, Campo de Criptana, Mota del Cuervo, Herencia…

Escalona Mudejar Castle.

The beautiful villages of Tembleque and Oropesa

Toledo Cathedral


It was built with a clear French Gothic style in the early 13th century, replacing the old Visigoth Cathedral of the 6th century from which it partially used its foundations and which had become a mosque.

What cannot be missed:

The Sacristy and its collection of paintings, including several artworks from El Greco.
The Altarpiece called «Transparent».
The original medieval stained glass.
The grave of Mendoza.

San Juan de los Reyes


Built by the Catholic Monarchs in 1476, it is considered one of the finest examples of Elizabethan Gothic, also called plateresque. We highlight:

The Cloister, of fine execution and great beauty on its lower floor, and with Mudejar coffered ceilings on the upper floor, where the symbols of Isabel and Fernando abound. A funny note: there is a scene of a monk in an embarrassing situation, it seems, a small revenge of the sculptor with someone!

The church, with a rich decoration on the ribbed vault and the main chapel.

Toledo Alcázar


The Toledo Alcázar has been modified, expanded and rebuilt on many occasions since its Roman origins. It took its current shape during the reigns of Carlos I and Felipe II: an imposing quadrangular building that stands over the city and the Tajo River.

Inside you will find the Army Museum, housed in the walls of both the historic fortress and the new, which offers to visitors a tour of 13 rooms through the military history of the peninsula.

It is worth looking out at the gardens that overlook the Tajo River to see the landscape.

Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca


It is a synagogue of undoubted beauty because of its beautiful white arches, lobed and with rich decorations of Almohad influence, which form a forest of columns and arches on whose roof the Star of David is formed, and for its beautiful 32 pilasters, with its capitals, none equal to each other.

A must visit for travelers arriving in Toledo that allows us to glimpse that melting pot of three cultures that lived in the city: Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Toledo and El Greco


Where to see his artworks:

  • Santo Tomé Church – “El Entierro del Señor de Orgaz”, probably his masterpiece.
  • El Greco Museum – it collects the artworks of his last period, already totally apart from the Roman Renaissance. Remarkable: «Las Lágrimas de San Pedro».
  • Santa Cruz Museum – which houses several works of the painter, in addition to an interesting museum of Archeology.
  • The Cathedral – with several artworks, highlighting «El Expolio».
  • Santo Domingo el Antiguo Convent – it contains the painter’s first three artworks upon his arrival in Toledo.
  • Tavera Hospital, or San Juan Bautista Hospital – it houses an imposing art gallery and several artworks by El Greco, including «San Francisco en Oración» and «Sagrada Familia con Santa Ana».

Cristo de la Luz Mosque


A Jewel in Mudejar art because of its beauty and because it is one of the best exponents of Islamic art in Toledo. It is a millenary building, to which – going from being a mosque to a church – a beautiful apse was added with the same style in which the mosque had been built (with bricks and arches), thus giving the first step towards what it would become the unique Mudejar style.

It is worth visiting because, inside, the archaeological excavations made in its foundations have been left open to the public and can be visited.


From August 30th, you will be able to enjoy a great night show on the banks of the Tajo River: «El Sueño de Toledo».
The show has been organized by Puy du Fou, one of the best theme parks in the world, and it invites us to explore the history of Spain.
Service Road,
45280 Olías del Rey, Toledo (SPAIN)
Tel: (+34) 925 49 04 72

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